A Network Health Check (or Network Wellness Check) identifies anomalies, inefficiencies and irregularities causing a client's network to operate in a less than an effective manner.

Network Partners, Inc. can provide an independent assessment of the health of a client's data network.  Our personnel are experienced at analyzing local and wide area network facilities including routers, switches, hubs as well as other network components -- pinpointing the source of anomalies impacting a client's systems and users.  Whether the anomalies are associated with Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ATM, IP, IPX, SNA, Vines or some other protocol, NPI can identify and resolve the most difficult of problems.

Typical health check problems resolved have ranged from mis-configured ATM Switches, incorrect routing parameters, improper use of full-duplex Ethernet switch ports, switch and bridge loops, FDDI mis-configurations, incorrect hub segmentation, broadcast and ARP storms, queuing issues, over-utilized LAN segments, over-subscribed Frame Relay facilities, incorrect router configurations, cabling issues, out-of-spec Ethernet implementations, and defective Ethernet switches. 

Based on our experience designing and implementing networks, we have a strong appreciation of the business and what it takes to support day to day and strategic business needs, along with a seasoned knowledge of the requirements for success. Our experienced staff has been engaged by companies such as Bay Networks (Nortel), Centron, Computer Associates (CA), Cisco, Decision One, Compaq, Level 3, Network Associates Incorporated and others to perform network health checks and diagnose problems in more than forty states.  Our status as an independent service provider has established a high level of credibility by removing the product allegiance bias that can occur with some manufacturers or resellers.

Our consultants will work with your staff to affect an on-the-job knowledge transfer while resolving problems.  Our objectives are clearly oriented towards leaving a client's site with the client's support personnel fully aware of why a problem occurred, and not to create a long-term dependency upon NPI personnel.  Our expertise in protocol analysis, problem resolution, project management, and highly structured Change Control techniques ensure a  client's network will not be negatively impacted while NPI personnel are on-site.

Why Network Partners Health Check?

  • Software specifically designed to quickly discover and analyze enterprise networks

  • Expert-level personnel (no entry-level employees)

  • Services based on Ethics and client satisfaction (near 100% re-engagement rate)

  • Multiple Sniffer Analyzers

  • Highly structured network analysis

  • No vendor / product bias

 Download a Network Health Check sample document (NetHealthSample.pdf 1.2meg)


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